Sunday, January 13, 2008

Start spreading the da da da da

Before I begin telling you about how great Martha Stewart is, let me apologize for not updating the blog for so long. I feel like I've been on a4 week holiday but have now gotten back into the swing of things. I'm going to try to update more often so keep checking back. I have lots of posts about Christmas but thought I would start with my most recent adventure, a trip to see Martha Stewart!!

Bennett's youngest sister Melissa invited me to go with her to NYC because she received tickets to the Martha Stewart show, and it was a no brainer--I was in! Those of you who know me know how much I love Martha. So after dropping the girls off with mom we headed to the big apple.

I was surprised what a quick and easy trip it was from Maryland. We didn't leave until after 8:30 but emerged out of the Lincoln Tunnel before midnight! Our little Nuvi navigator helped us to locate the Hotel Pennsylvania in the Chelsea district without too much trouble and we were in bed by 1 am.
The next morning we were in line to get into the show, Starbucks in hand thanks to Melissa. Since Starbucks didn't sell Mountain Dew I had a hot chocolate. Thankfully the weather was "warm" for January, in the 50's so we never felt very cold. Soon we were ushered inside and taken into the studio. I called my mom frantically right before 10 am when we found out the show was live! It was very fun to watch. During each commercial break several crew members came out with lipstick and lint rollers and powder, just as you can imagine. I was surprised, however, that she brought 3 of her dogs to the show and they had the run of the place while the camera was rolling! They must just be a permanent figure there.
The guest of the day was Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray. The studio audience received a Hairspray DVD and a bag full of Dove Products. We just missed 4,000 dollar mattresses given away the day before!! Oh well.
The highlight of the show was at the end when Martha answered audience questions (see pic of her with the microphone). I was the first one chosen to ask a question and I asked her a wedding cake question for my cousin, Susan. Martha answered that I needed to buy a copy of her new book on wedding cakes, and then she asked for someone to bring her a copy. No one was able to locate one, oops! So I sat back down. Then after she took a few more questions from the audience someone had brought her the book and she got my attention to show me! Martha then asked her stage manager if she could give me the book, and then asked me for the name of my cousin so that she could inscribe it to her. Did I tell you have much I love Martha Stewart??? I actually conversed with her!! Silly, I know, but fun anyway.
Melissa and I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the NY subway (ugh--so dirty compared to DC Metro that I am used to!) and shopping. We went to the Manhatten Mall, all 9 floors of Macys, and the American Girl Place (can't wait to take Mary Claire there!). We also went to the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Center) and it was breathtaking--literally. I took lots of pictures as it was something I'll never forget and everyone should see. There's truly no other city like it.
In the evening, we went to two local pub type places for dinner and cheesecake, then collapsed in bed by 10 (we were exhausted!). It was so much fun. Surprisingly, New Yorkers were very friendly and we found that people enjoyed our "we're just tourists who know nothing so please help us" routine.
It was a great trip and I can't wait to go again!


Janet said...

Sounds like you had so much fun!! There is truly so much to do in NYC. And it sounds like you have a wonderful sister-in-law. Glad you had such a great trip and it was good to see you yesterday at church!

Christina said...

You guys look so good in that picture! I'm going to put in a request for 4 tickets well in advance so work isn't an issue! I'm so jealous you got to see her!

April Parrott said...

You like Martha Stewart? Aaahh! So jealous. Looks great. You guys look great. Very "bright colored". So did you come home and bake a 5 tiered cake with fondant icing? Or maybe a little homemade lampshade? :-)