Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter in Buggystown

Easter in Buckeystown (Buggystown as the kids call it) was very fun. My mom fixed a larger than Thanksgiving meal, delicious, and we ate a ton. Then we gathered all 8 kids outside for an egg hunt. First we tried to take a grandkids picture since all of the girls were in matching dresses (so cute!). However, the fins (family nickname for twins) were not so cooperative. Zoe and Zachary tried to contain them as best as possible. Mom, the queen of equality (good job mom--it is appreciated) had exactly 20 eggs for each child and they were color coded. So MC found all of the orange eggs, Ellie found all of the yellow eggs, etc. It was great and my parents' yard is so big it took a while. Sophie (one of the twins) loved being outside and I was able to snap several pictures of her before the camera battery went dead (that's why there are no pictures of anyone else!)

Mary Claire also got to celebrate her birthday with her cousins. Mom got her a beautiful cake and she certainly felt special. She is very excited to be 5--this is a big one for her.

By the end of the day, the Fins stole the show. Mom gave them each a pair of sunglasses and before pajama time, they were the happiest little girls you have ever seen. It is truly fun to have identical twins in the family. I definitely feel blessed!


Janet said...

Your Easter looks like the best ever. What a fun time with family!! The Easter outfits are adorable!

AJ & Christina said...

Wow, all the girls have matching dresses like across all the families! Looks like Mary Claire was feeling a little better too! I love spring!