Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can I put my pumpkin in a stroller?

It's almost November and FINALLY fall weather is here. All of the maple trees are turning red and we actually have to wear long pants now. The girls were thrilled to wear a jacket to church this morning! Last weekend we decided to have a picnic dinner along the Greenway in our neighborhood (the girls insisted after I brought them home each their very own lunch box...they were so happy). We walked along the paved path littered with leaves of all shapes and colors, and the girls collected fall's trinkets and place them in a baggie they brough for their finds. Mary Claire was so excited to do this after a few days of "No don't touch that!" during a bout of pink eye. So we meandered through the paths soaking up the sunshine peeking through the leaves. Glorious...

After we had dinner we went to the "pumpkin patch." Yes folks, the little white things you see all over the pictures are price tags (so pathetic I know!) I even had to take the pictures just so or you would see the cars whizzing by on the busy street the "patch" sits on! It made us really miss Frederick and Larryland farms and Mayne's pumpkin patch. But the girls didn't really mind, they hopped from pumpkin to pumpkin saying "Let's get this one! No this one!" Most of all, however, they fell in love with the little pumpkins. Mary Claire picked one up and said, "Oh, it's so cute! Can I get this one Daddy? I want to wrap a blanket around it and put it in my stroller!" You know, 'cause it is a baby pumpkin. Please see the picture of her holding the "baby." Also check out Elle's smile...looks just like a little Jenny picture. Talk about spooky.