Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Shark

Swim Team. Not the most relaxing thing in the world, girls. It is very hard to watch your barely swimming just turned 5 year old swim up and down the lanes for a half an hour daily with you just sitting on the sidelines! So yes, I am the only mom out there carrying a (big) three year old on her hip walking her 5 year old swimmer up and down the lanes, in case she drowns! Plus there is the added stress of little me too wanting to be on the team...and the stress of not knowing any of the other moms which is made worse by the fact that I am not a very social person!
All that to say Mary Claire does LOVE swimming and she is getting better at it. She can do the back stroke, free style, and today the coach was even teaching her to do the breaststroke (gotta love swim team for the free daily swim lessons!). Every Tuesday night we have a meet, and although Mary Claire is last every time, she always finishes and we are really proud of how hard she has been working. At practice she is literally all smiles all the time, and loves being teased and thrown into the air by the coaches.


The Hilemans said...

i remember being about 8 on our neighborhood swim team and i was so in love with my coach!! all us little girls loved the teasing and tossing, too. :) and if we only lived out your way we would do swim team too, and I would definitely talk to you!

Janet said...

I am SO impressed with your neighborhood swim team and how young the kids are and how skilled they are. You must be so very proud!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she has a nice coach. :)

The Barrick Times said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE it!! Look at those Goggles! She's so cute, Jen.