Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Riff Raft Club

We spent the fourth of July this year with Bennett's family in Severna Park. The weekend began with a birthday party for his Mom on July 4th. Though it was her birthday she gave all the little girls a red cheerleader costume which turned out to be a huge hit. Former Baltimore Colt cheerleader Aunt April lead the squad in practice and the girls think they are all ready now to hit the football field. It was very cute, thanks Mom!

On Saturday, we went to the Grachur Club on the Magothy River for some swimming and sand playing. Grandpa delighted in escorting the grandkids from the beach to the big floating wooden "raft" out in the middle of the water. The Grachur Club has been around for literally 100 years and apparently it is tradition that whoever can swim from the shore to the floating raft officialy becomes a member of the "riff raft club." The kids were super excited to become members.


Janet said...

What an awesome holiday weekend you guys had! Reminds me of my childhood July 4th's.

The Barrick Times said...

Your girls are so brave to swim across!!! I was always too scared. You took so many good ones, Jen! It was so fun (as always) to see you guys.

The Barrick Times said...

The Wise Family is featured on the Barrick Times today!!! Check it out!