Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to Carolina

Are these girls beautiful, or what??

Can I tell you how much I love track out? Since Mary Claire has been reunited with Ellie and I again we couldn't wait to get back over to the UNC Chapel Hill campus to visit with Kelly and Emily. Once again, we were treated by Kelly to a delicious meal in the dining hall, and since it was a nice day we decided to take a walk around campus. I was thrilled at this idea, but if you know my girls you know that they were not (are they seriously going to be age 8 and 10 and STILL riding around in the duoglider stroller? you bet!). Since I forgot the stroller, though, they were left to tour campus in their pink sparkly shoes.

It was really fun being on the UNC campus. The girls were so excited to see real live squirrels (how sad is that?) and we hit all of the major UNC landmarks: the preacherman outside of the student union place, the arboretum, the bell tower, and the old well. We even got to see the football players as they were leaving the field after practice.

Ellie was impressed with the size of the trees. As soon as she saw this one she ran over and threw her arms around it! My little treehugger...

While at the old well, Kelly and Emily suggested Mary Claire and Ellie take a drink for good luck. Maybe this will help them get in some day!

Ellie says, check out the cute football players behind me! I came pretty close to asking some of the guys to lift her up on their shoulders for a picture, but thought my shy girl might not like that too much.


The Barrick Times said...

This is so funny!! I love the one of Ellie "hugging" the tree - too funny. They are so cute. I miss them (and you guys, too)!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad ya'll came again! Being around the girls makes me notice and appreciate the little things I walk by everyday! The pictures are cute, email me the others you took if you can: Have fun in MD!

Janet said...

I don't know why.....but I especially love the picture at the water fountain. I think I love the fact that you thought to take that picture. Very creative. I must say you have a knack for photography!