Monday, October 6, 2008

It was a Grand Ol' Party


So while we were driving around this sleepy little town on Saturday morning we noticed that literally EVERYONE had a McCain/Palin sign in their yard. No joke. And then we saw a sign that said "GOP Pig Roast Tonight" and we immediately made plans to attend.

We showed up ready for the party. It was great. Dried cow patties littered the picnic field. The crowd of bearded, mesh hatted farmers sat around the grand McCain/Palin RV clapping as the good ol' boy republicans shouted crowd riling political one liners from the podium. Kids were thrilled to get stickers, balloons, and fake flowers. All in the name of politics.

The highlight of the evening of course was getting our pictures taken with McCain and Palin themselves. Bennett, aka Todd, was beaming with his lady. Uncle AJ and Aunt Christina looked great next to John.

This little guy cracked us up. I wish I had gotten his autograph because one day he will without a doubt be a name we know. While we were eating our pulled pork sandwiches he was working the crowd, making sure everyone was registered to vote, and even stopped to flirt with Mary Claire. I think I even saw him hold a baby or two. What is he, nine years old??? Check out the pen in his pocket!! This guy was so serious yet so personable and I loved him. Now I know literally what it means to be a born politician.

Below you'll find Mary Claire's favorite spot--on the lap of Aunt Christina!!

It was a very 4th of July feeling party--we all felt very patriotic!


Janet said...

It looks like Bennett will be able to have a new career if McCain gets elected. The entertainment industry sure pays the 'look a likes' well. That would be quite a career change!

What a fun school break you all have had!

Sherri said...

This party sounds like a "hoot"!
The pics are great - love the ones with McCain and Palin. Now, if only we can get that RV and those farmers to go to FL and other swing states to turn this election around. Polls aren't looking good at all. :(

anthonyandbeth said...

funny! on our way back from FL we rode the terminal train and there was a Palin impersonator on the train! hilarious! i did a double take. she had a few people with her and talked to the boys and i'm like thinking, do i know her...why does she looks so familiar and she must have seem my curiosity and explained! hilarious! maybe bennett can get in on the action.. :)

Anonymous said...

update soon mrs wise! can't wait to see the pics from yesterday!