Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bunk Beds

Besides ear infections and stomach bugs, BUNK BEDS have pretty much been the big news at our house lately. For months now, the girls have been bugging us for bunk beds. And of course, after picking an expensive Pottery Barn bunk bed set out of the catalog, we told them it wasn't in this year's budget!!

But in the spirit of Aunt Christina, Bennett found the exact bunk bed set I picked out on Craigslist literally days later. And after four emails, we were the proud owners of a bunk bed set because we apparently "sounded the most desperate."

Furniture rearranging began right away. Mary Claire's bedroom is now the "play room" and the bonus room is now up for grabs.

So far, though, so good! The girls need a few extra minutes to settle in at night but overall, they feel comforted by each other and seem to need us less at night. Best of all, in the mornings they wake each other up instead of coming in my room and waking me up! I've definitely been taking advantage of sleeping in a bit. They also love having a playroom that is solely their space, and we seem to have less toys all over the house.

Now I'm on to redecorating the girl's pink room without changing the wall color. This has consumed me, of course. Keep checking the blog for posts on their room redo!

Though my first order of business is to teach the girls to make their beds...sigh.


anthonyandbeth said...

i'm so glad they are enjoying sharing a room! i knew they would! yeah! :)

The Barrick Times said...

These are so cute!!! Christina and I had so much fun with bunk beds and I think we were their age when we had one, too! Lots of forts, hide-and-seek, and special tents to be had!

Sarah Kornegay said...

Jen, you are so creative and resourceful, without compromising style! I enjoy reading your blog!

The Palmer Family said...

Can't wait to see what you do with their room. I'm sure I'll want to do the same for Emma & Meg when they start sharing a room this summer.

Heather said...

the sheet thing is SO hard on bunk beds! when the girls got their bunk beds i found some special sheets online that making it a LOT easier for them to make their beds. (they'd be easy for you to sew so you'd save some money there) let me know if you ever want to see them:)!

AJ and Christina said...

FUN!!! I love craigslist! You make me so proud! They look beautiful just like the fancy brand new pottery barn ones!!! Great find!