Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye Alexis, Hello Kit!

Christmas 2007 (last year) brought a new addition to the family: Alexis. Alexis is a sweet brown haired, brown eyed little girl doll I brought home from Target to give to two year old little Ellie for Christmas. Immediately, Ellie was in love. Alexis became one of the girls, and has been Ellie's favorite playmate and plaything ever since. One year later, Alexis has been well loved and shows it--her hair is officially an unbrushable fro and she has several bandaids, no doubt battle scars from having the most ungentle 3 year old that ever was. Alexis has been with Ellie through thick and thin. Good times and bad. She has attended every family vacation, road trip, movie night, sister sleep over, and important function since she came home. Heck, Aunt April even sewed her a monogrammed nightgown. Nothing could ever separate Alexis from the love of little Elle Belle, right?

Wrong! Move over Alexis, there's a new girl in town!

Grandmama gave Ellie her first "real" American girl doll this Christmas: none other than Kit Kitteredge herself. Poor Alexis! Every since that day, our brown eyed friend has been crying her heart out face down in the corner of Ellie's room somewhere. And if you ask little Ellie, "Don't you want to play with Alexis anymore?" she says simply, "No."


AJ and Christina said...

HA! Alexis' hair was atrocious! Kit looks so pretty and new, and blonde!! Go blondes!! ;o)

jacker said...

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