Thursday, January 29, 2009


Darn that Pottery Barn Kids catalog! I get these ideas stuck in my mind and then I just can't let them go. So I've picked out a bedding set that I absolutely cannot afford and have decided to copy cat as much as I can. The room I like has a whimsical woodsy theme with little trees, owls, and birds. To go along with the theme of the room, they sold (out) a painted cuckoo clock that I thought was so adorable!

I started thinking about this clock and remembered a real cuckoo clock my dad had given to me when Mary Claire was a baby. This clock had stopped working and it was stored away in a closet. It looked very similar to this:

My mind began crafting my own whimsical cuckoo clock. I asked my Dad if I could paint the antique clock he gave me and to my surprise, he agreed! So I dug the clock out of the closet, found my craft paints and set the girls up at the kitchen table with a couple of paint brushes. We let them have at it with the blue paint and I finished it off with pink and yellow. Here's what it looked like after we were finished!

My parents were in town when the magic happened and my Dad mounted the clock to the wall in the girls' new shared room. And he got the clock to work! Now, when you set the pendulum in motion, a little bird pokes his head out at the half hour and hour marks and cuckoo's his little heart out. We are always pleasantly surprised by his announcement and we now feel like we have a new pet in the house.

It's my new favorite thing. Thanks Dad!


The Palmer Family said...

Your's is way better than the PBK one! I love the colors.

The Hilemans said...

I think this is WAY cuter than the PBK version. And much more meaningful and totally unique.