Monday, February 18, 2008


Today my adorable little girls were their usual selves. What started out as a post lunch soccer game (in our 68 degree weather-yeah!) turned into just another excuse to take a break. It went down something like this:

Me: "Hey girls...why don't you go outside and kick the soccer ball around?"

MC: "Come on Elle, let's go!"

EC: "Okay!"

2 minutes later...

MC: "Wahhhhh!"

Me, running out of the door: "What's wrong?"

MC: "Ellie won't play soccer with me. She's just laying on the ground."

EC, lying on the ground: "Humph."

Me: "Ellie, why don't you play?"
EC: "Humph." (She really says this, I'm not joking.)
Me: "Okay, Mary Claire, find something else to do. She's not in the mood."
I return to my moment of sugar balls and choco chums. It is a very nice moment. However, I am snapped out of my chocolate dream with the slamming of the back door. I venture out to find that Mary Claire has set Ellie up with an umbrella (isn't it cute? thanks mom they love them), and two pillows. I crack up and race for the camera.
Sitting on the front porch, I watch the scenario unfold. Mary Claire then decides the diggs look pretty comfy so she gives it a try. But wait! she says and dissapears. This happens 4 or 5 more times until Ellie has all the comforts of home right there in our own yard. Blanket, pillows, stuffed animals, a favorite Madeline doll...and Mary Claire is THRILLED beyond description that she has made the perfect bed for her sister.


The Barrick Times said...

Oh my goodness... sounds like me and Christina! MC=Christina, EC=Melissa. SO funny!!

AJ & Christina said...

HA! That is so cute! Your girls have such an amazing heart! Every day seems so cute and exciting! You definetly make motherhood look enticing! We miss you guys so much and we wish we could share our cold weather with you! :o)

Sherri said...

That is so cute. If Sarah is as much like your girls as you say, then I'm looking forward to seeing her make a comfy place for Evan in the back yard....and the umbrella would be a good golf ball deflector for him.

The Hilemans said...

that look on E's face absolutely SAYS "humph." Too cute!