Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All By Herself

Mary Claire for some time now has been asking to make dinner herself, from start to finish WITHOUT my help. The girls always help joyfully with dinner, but for some reason that hasn't been quite enough.

Recently, I allowed Mary Claire to make a chicken dish we enjoy from start to finish. She did the measuring, mixing, coating, oven door opening and closing and everything else the chicken needed. Then she and Ellie set the table, found next year's velvet super fancy Christmas dresses hidden in the back of their closet, got dressed pretty for Daddy, and the three of us waited patiently at the table then surprised him when he got home (we actually do this every night!).

The chicken was excellent, and Mary Claire did a wonderful job. You can see she was very proud of herself.


AJ and Christina said...

If I have girls will you raise them to be just like yours??!! It seems like so much fun at your house! Wish I was there every day to see what they come up with next! said...

Wow! Very impressive. They can come here and cook for us any time they like.

Anonymous said...

Opps, I was logged on as Sean.


anthonyandbeth said...

this is precious! i love how they got all dressed up for daddy! i get so excited when i think about the girl side of things that i'll get to enjoy with Addison. the boys like to help with dinner but not to this level! :) you are so blessed Jen, precious, precious girls! :)

KR said...

How sweet! She does indeed look proud. Tell her I'm going to need that chicken recipe! It all looks great!