Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's just what they do...

It's fun to have girls, and I must say that Spring is the favorite time of year around here for mine. In our Secret Garden, clover patches abound and after school hours are spent frolicking in these instead of thinking about homework (and yes, there is homework in kindergarten!). I must say, it is nice for mommy...I end up resting and watching from under the shade trees while the girls pick huge bouquets for our table. I guess that's just what little girls do. One day I thought I would grab the camera and document the fun.

I snapped these pictures, but later when I downloaded them I was very dissapointed. I'm convinced after a winter night of leaving the camera in the car in -10 degree temperatures that my camera is vengefully taking poor pictures! Of course it couldn't be operator error!!

I ignored these pictures for two weeks. Until this weekend when LH gave me a photoshop tutorial, and I went to work. Now I steal moments all day long tweaking and playing with my pictures. I sense Bennett from time to time poking his head around the corner checking me out sitting hunched over at the computer, then I hear him snicker as he heads down the stairs.

I'm pretty excited about learning this program...I feel like all my pictures can be made pretty no matter how bad they are. Thanks LH! Though I still need more lessons...still can't quite get layering and need to work on that retro look LH and sister in law Melissa do so well.

But for now I'm happy making my beauties look even more beautiful!


The Hilemans said...

I think these look great, and it doesn't hurt that you have stunning subjects for all your great pictures! You really have a good eye. :)

The Barrick Times said...

Love the new background!!! The girls are so cute, I can just see them frolicking now!

The Palmer Family said...

Love your blogs new look! Great pictures.