Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach People

It's not a surprise (if you know my family) that we are beach people. For the last several years, we have gone to the beach as a family not once but twice a year! I have two brothers: Cody and _ _ _ _ (he wishes to remain nameless just in case someone decides to google him or something). They have wives and kids: Cody and Renee with Zachary, Zoe, Sarah, Sophie, and Phoebe (twins), and my brother _ _ _ _ and his wife Kim and their daughter Abby. This year we headed down to the beach for an evening for pictures. I thought I would share some with you.

Me, Renee, Mom

Cody, Renee, and the Kids

The original Mooneyhans

Two cute girls in a boat

My parents with their pride and joy, the grandkids

_ _ _ _, Kim, and Abby

Just the girls

Me and my girl


Janet said...

These are beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your family with us! Love beach pictures!

Heather said... are SO funny with your _ _ _ _! i LOVE all the matchy matchy stuff yall have going on:)!

AJ & Christina said...

Cute pictures! Elle has a funny face in the last picture! I love the one of you, Renee and your mom too!

Sherri said...

Beautiful pics - love the outfits. It's so nice to see your precious family.

The Palmer Family said...

So fun to see the Mooneyhans! Great pictures.