Monday, September 8, 2008

Dress Up Day...A Look Back Through the Years

The Halloween costumes came in the mail over the weekend, which called for a trial run of course! Let me just say that I don't really like Halloween, and never have, and was not keen on the thought of dressing up my little babies in random "Halloween" costumes! I've softened over the years, of course, once I saw how much my girls love to dress up and how much they look forward to the celebration at our church.

When the girls were trying on their new costumes, I started thinking about the costumes over the past years. It all began when Mary Claire, age 7 months, was Dorothy. Why Dorothy, you may ask? Well, that was the only thing I could think of for her to be. It was the night before Halloween and her cousin, Sarah, had her one year old birthday party the next night (yes she was born on Halloween!) and it was a costume party, of course. Being a new mommy, I balked at Halloween, went through the typical "we're not going to do that" blah blah blah. So of course, I had not planned on a costume for my baby. However, after giving it some thought, I realized that she might look back one day and ask what costume she wore for her first Halloween, and what was I going to say? Oh no! I went straight for the fabric bin and saw this fabric, which reminded me of Dorothy's dress. Without a pattern (I am SO NOT a details person) I made this little dress for her! My first piece of clothing I had ever sewn. Please note the cute bow on the side!

And what would be a Dorothy costume without the ruby red slippers? I worked the ENTIRE day sewing beads and sequins on these little shoes. Pretty snazzy don't you think?

2004 Those cheeks! Oh how I loved those cheeks!

2005 Elle's first Halloween. Mary Claire was in love with her bunny costume, so of course Ellie had to be a carrot. I felt compelled to hand-make Elle's first costume as I had done Mary Claire's. Except I had no orange fabric, and didn't get out much those days...again I went to my fabric bin and found white fleecy fabric and green felt. She became a parsnip! Daddy, aka Mr. McGreggor, took little rabbit and parsnip out for some treats.

2006 What happened in 2006? I don't know! I can't find the pictures!! I think they were both bunnies. We have that exact same bunny costume in sizes 18 months-4t. It is still a favorite in our house.

2007--My butterflies. Oh my how they love this costume! Best money I ever spent! This outfit is worn at least once a week.

2008--Hoping to recreate the butterfly moments, I have two little fairies. And although little Ellie makes the perfect fairy, she has informed me she wants to be a ballerina instead. I think this costume is going back (sad face).

Mary Claire loves her fairy costume, though! She's not planning to let it go.


Heather said...

I'm SO impressed by your sewing abilities!! Have I told you I would PAY you to make a valance:) Love those cute flashback pictures!

Sherri said...

Such a great idea to do the flashbacks. I love the latest costumes - your photos are remarkable....oh the camera envy continues. :)

Your sewing abilities are awesome - bet that Dorthy outfit could sell for high dollar on ebay but would still be worth much more to your family. :)

The Barrick Times said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!! I'm totally convinced to buy a telephoto lens. The girls are so cute, as always. I love the parsnip and bunny!

AJ and Christina said...

AWE!!! Tell Elle to be a fairy this year and a ballarena next year! Too cute!!! Melissa and I never matched Halloween outfits... maybe there is still time!

Costume Party anyone??

The Hilemans said...

i want to know what lens you have stuck on the camera!

anthonyandbeth said...

oh my goodness Jen! your girls are so precious! LOVE the dorothy costume! you are so talented and think so well in a pinch!

KR said...

She could be a butterfly princess! That's worked for me before when I was in the same boat--had the butterfly costume, she wanted to be a princess...ta da! Princess Butterfly sounds very royal.