Friday, September 5, 2008

I Cheated

Bennett and I love car rides so much because we have many hours (usually 5 at a time) to just sit and TALK! As we drove home from the beach we discussed the ridiculous rising cost of living and the ridiculous amounts of money we (I) have been spending lately. Now in all fairness, I don't feel like I am a super duper bigtime money spender, but I it seems that although I have a monthly budget I can almost never stay within it (one time so far this year). That's pretty sad. And now that Mary Claire is in kindergarten things have gone from bad to worse. I feel like I write about 10 checks a day. So.....we decided to go on a "financial fast." Melissa, do you remember when we saw the guy on TV talk about this in New York? Basically the idea of a financial fast is that for 1 week, 7 days, you don't spend any money. None. Zip. Psshh, easy. That's a breeze. I can do that. Duh. All I have to do is stay away from Super Target and it's in the bag. Oh wait. My palms are getting sweaty. Can we change the subject?

This past Tuesday marked Day 1 of my "financial fast." I am on Day 4. And I am here to say, Bennett, that I have cheated. I have been bad. Here's what the fast has looked like so far:

Tuesday: I was so good. I didn't even leave the house other than to drive Mary Claire to and from school. We had cereal for dinner.

Wednesday: I was so good. Until I drove by Bojangles. And I smelled Mountain Dew. And chicken biscuits. Of course I soon remembered I needed stamps to mail some important things and hit the post office. Bennett had dinner at the Angus Barn (poor guy) and the girls ate pantry Kraft mac and cheese. I had cereal. Again. And Mary Claire went to bed saying, "Don't forget my walkathon money!"
-$4.39 Boj's
-$8.40 USPS
-$60.00 Brassfield Elementary School PTA
-$60 and change--Gymboree. Did I mention there was a sale? AND a coupon?

Thursday: Last minute plans--old friends coming over for dinner (remember Chewy and Natalie from our wedding?). How can I feed them without spending $? Look through the pantry. I can make chocolate chip cookies (of course, I ALWAYS have the stuff on hand for that), beer bread, and 3 pieces of frozen chicken. Not sure that will cut it for the 7 of us. No fresh fruit or veggies. To Food Lion I go.
-$20.99 Food Lion

Friday: Today. I am so tired. Both girls got up at least 2 times each last night for various reasons. I needed caffeine. And a donut. Dinner at this point in questionable but there is always cereal.
-$3.07 Harris Teeter

So there you have it (so far!) Even with trying to be so good, and not spend any money, I'm up to almost $160. Do you think less of me? HELP!!! I am going to have to try this again next week I guess.


anthonyandbeth said...

you are so funny! i'm glad to know we aren't the only couple having these conversations and i'm not the only wife who is not keeping to the budget! oh my goodness! some weeks are easier than others for me! doesn't it always seem to boil down to food though? every time we look at our spending and try to figure out where to cut back it has something to do with food and my most impulsive buys or over spending comes from Super Target or BJ's! maybe if i didn't "need" so much "food" around here i'd be skinny!!! :)

Sherri said...

You are too funny. It's impossible to do a fiscal fast but you can always go on a $$ diet when needed although if you ever want to do some bartering, give me a call.

As for me, it's hard to feel guilty for spending a little extra on some organic lettuce for the kids and me when the breadwinner eats out most days for lunch.

Just sell a few more things on ebay and offset the "cheats".

The Barrick Times said...

Oh Jen... I DO remember that guy on TV! And every time I think about it, I end up at J. Crew's website. After reading your blog, I went on there and saw they are having 20% off their sale items. To make myself feel better, I bought a bathing suit (end of season - YEsss!) and some new shorts for Bobby. BUT, I used a coupon. It's too hard... maybe I'll try next week!

The Hilemans said...

Well at least you're being conscious about the spending and tracking it - I bet you still spent less than you would have if you hadn't been fasting! What is it about Target that makes us think there will be something new and exciting and on sale today that wasn't there 2 days ago??

AJ & Christina said...

HA! I've never heard of anything like a money fast! Great idea though! You never know how hard it is untill it's something as little as stamps that break the trend!

jamie shipley said...

I was howling when I read Bojangles was your down fall. Love the blog. Miss you guys.